Reel to Reel Center Seal and Gusset Machine
  • Sealable laminated films, thickness 40-150μ.
  • Main driving A.C. motor with inverter, provides high response and accuracy.
Bag Making
  • ACSV-P40 can make the center-seal and gusset tubes, which can be placed on the Auto Packaging Machine or sent to our Sealing & Cutting Machine to be cut into bags.
Model No. ACSV-P40
Max. Parent Web Width 820 mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter 500 mm
Center-seal Tube Width 50 ~ 400 mm
Gusset-seal Tube Width 50 ~ 300 mm
Max. Gusset Depth 50 mm (Each side)
Max. Rewinding Diameter 800 mm
Max. Machine Speed 27 M / min